Tyres – Recycle or Re-use?

When a car comes to us the condition of its tyres will depend greatly on the circumstances of the vehicle.

Each tyre that is removed from a vehicle is carefully evaluated by our experts in accordance with our criteria. Then an assessment is made, this will determine wether we recycle the tyres or sell them on as gaming ‘part-worn’.


Tyres that show unsafe amounts of wear, sidewall damage or fall below the legal tread limit will be taken off the vehicle for recycling.

Part-Worn Tyres

Part-Worn Tyres are just that.

Tyres that have been previously used on another vehicle online gaming. They may have been replaced or simply removed from a car that is no longer on the road.


Each tyre is expertly checked for damage and wear.  To ensure that they still comply with the legal Tread Limit (min. 2mm). And with upto 50% of original tread left on they may give you a few thousand miles more of safe motoring.

Why use Part-Worns

Beat the Credit Crunch and do your bit for the environment.

Part-Worn tyres offer fantastic value for money. Maybe you need replacement tyres or are putting a set on motor to sell it, the big attraction is the price.

But by buying ‘Part-Worns’ you are safe in the knowledge that you are helping reduce the impact from disposal of waste tyres computer online and helping the environment for now and the future.

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For all enquiries about buying or selling part-worn tyres, contact us or call us on 01797 321606